Having a strong and clear company purpose is central to our daily operation. It encapsulates why we do what we do, and exactly what we are in business for.

“To help people and organisations to reach their professional potential”

Above all else, we want to help people and organisations function at their best. We believe our myriad of training courses can cater to a large number of both New Zealand and International businesses, regardless of size or industry.

Similarly, our company values are very important to the way we run our business.

We are committed to being..

ETHICAL: Standing to an ethical code is hugely important for us at Rapid Results. We ensure that every client we deal with is treated ethically.

KNOWLEDGEABLE: We want to be the best in the field! We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge in staff training and development.

CARING: We care about our clients! Ultimately, business is all about people and we want to help as many as we can to reach their professional potential.

MEASURABLE: We want our clients to see proof that our training works. If you can't measure or notice results - then we're not doing our job!

AFFORDABLE: We believe the costings of our courses are reflective of the benefits you will receive from them. Quality is our priority!

INNOVATIVE: The world is moving fast - and we refuse to be left behind! We strive to continually be creative and original in all that we do.


We are a staff training and development company with a difference! At Rapid Results, we strive to achieve our overall purpose and live by our company values. We are committed to putting our clients’ needs first, catering to their requirements to the very best of our ability. We dedicate our efforts to providing the best training we can – whether that be to 50 staff at a large organisation, or 8 attendees on a public course. As an ever-changing organisation, our training programmes are constantly renewed and updated in order to keep up with the pace at which organisations are developing, both on a domestic and an international scale.


As a small, private, business based in New Zealand, we are a co-operative and hard-working team that thrives on challenges and committing to finding solutions. We represent our brand with pride, and work closely together in a friendly, supportive and caring environment. We have recently expanded the business into The Philippines, and have a number of exciting opportunities to develop Rapid Results internationally. We are always looking to grow our business, and are open to any enquiries if you are interested in helping expand the Rapid Results team.

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