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“I really enjoyed the way this customer service course was presented. I have done so many of these courses in the past which I have found boring but this one will stand out in my mind as it was FUN and INTERESTING but it also made me ask questions about how I have been dealing with customers in the past.”

Medical Assurance Society
(Customer Service Training)

“Rapid Results encouraged us to take a snapshot measure of our business before the training and after so we could calculate the return on the training investment. What we discovered was that we obtained an 55% increase in our service bookings, 65% increase in our warrant bookings and 100% increase in our sales leads in one month which equated to an ROI of 160% in the first month alone!!”

Kirk Motors
Mitsubishi (Sales Training)

“Contact Centre of the Dept of Labour is a call centre providing advice to the general public regarding legislation administered by the Dept. The information provided is quite technical, and most of our training efforts were geared towards ensuring staff had a comprehensive knowledge. This was done by literally going through each piece of legislation solidly for three weeks. Customer service techniques were discussed but were not heavily focussed on.It was recognised that training gaps were developing and the training style did not suit all staff. Rapid Results were contracted to provide our Team Leaders with training skills and techniques to deliver training in a fun environment which reinforced learning. This was followed by a customer service program customised to suit our needs.We have since incorporated the customer service style training in our legilsation training program and have noticed a big difference in retention levels, with the training being completed in a shorter timeframe. Staff have enjoyed the training sessions a lot more and are utilising the customer service techniques.All in all we are very happy with the package and training provided by rapid results.”

Department of Labour
(Customer Service Training)

“Success has been seen across the Auckland contact centre. The staff are more engaged with the leadership team, as they feel the investment to their development is stronger than what they have experienced in the past. Staff were disengaged and also there was a retention issue that the centre was trying to manage, however, with the introduction to the call quality coaching and the investment and commitment from the Team Leaders, has allowed us the opportunity to begin 1:1 coaching as well.I would like to take this opportunity to thank Derek for all his fantastic ideas, suggestions and focus during this project. The true benefit to the centre is more awareness to ones development and also a genuine interest to their professional development”

Government Department
(Coaching Training)

Rapid Results were very professional and courteous, always followed up and double checked that the results and progress were exactly what we had expected. SKYCITY were very pleased with the excellent outcome and the speed at which it came about. We would definitely use Rapid Results again.

Sky City
(Training DVD)

Calculating the ROI added weight to a project that many GM’s would often regard as non-business critical. Without a doubt using the ROI formula enabled us to justify expenditure for a team wellness program by showing the long term cost savings! Rapid Result’s ROI formula should be in every manager’s toolbox!

Farmers Retail

I have worked with Rapid Results over the last 7 years, and I have always found their work to be off an outstanding level. Lantern Insurance have partnered with Rapid Results to deliver a customer service programme called “Service Excellence”, and it is proving to be a great success. I highly rate Derek, Craig and the team.

Bart Taylor
Lantern Insurance

Rapid Results have provided fantastic training that are engaging, informative and leave staff with the confidence and motivation to succeed in their role. They understand the importance of post-training follow-up and provide fantastic support.

Michael Tiang
Digital Mobile

I have worked with Rapid Results over the past 6 years. I have seen first hand and experienced the transformation in business with with high conversion results and improved customer service. Staff leave a course motivated and informed to develop the skills. They are the best in their field with great owners and staff.

Linda Crosbie
Fisher & Paykel

I have worked with Rapid Results for at least 6 years and always been very impressed with their passion for the Contact Centre industry and the ability to make all training enjoyable and sustainable. The variety of courses they have available is outstanding and definitely recommend LEGO serious play and I am about to review their developing an Induction plan course.

Kaye Kennedy
The Warehouse

We are pleased with the training as staff are developing self analysis and confidence in themselves which is reflected in in the quality of work duties and service to our customers.Staff appear to have developed more confidence within themselves and have more belief in themselves and performing their duties.  Staff also appreciate the training and discuss it with management and analyse how the training is assisting them to find solutions / answers when required.

Earl Wyatt
University of Auckland