Our service courses focus on training staff in how to provide exceptional customer service – covering all essential material from understanding why customers view your organisation a certain way, dealing with difficult customers, the importance of quickly building rapport before selling your product or service, developing a positive attitude, to understanding the importance of effective listening and questioning techniques.


These courses are designed to help participants show customers the value of their products/services, and how to sell more effectively. Our sales courses cover service-based selling, negotiation techniques, sales in ROI, to objection handling. The development of sales skills is also a very effective skill for those in the Debt Collection industry.


We offer a number of courses in leadership training, providing the methodologies to effectively lead, inspire, coach and address team behaviour with confidence, respect and approachability.


We have a wide range of specialty courses on offer designed to suit specific training requirements. Lego Serious Play, Team Management Index for improved productivity and effective work styled, Team building, presentation skills and time management are just some of the areas we specialise in.


We offer online NZQA certification courses with 7 day a week student support.  Our courses include National Certificate in Credit Management Level 3, First Line Management Level 3, and National Certificate in Adult Education Level 4. In early 2016 we will be offering the latest course – New Zealand Certificate in Contact Centres Level 3 & 4. These courses will provide participants with a qualification, as well as build confidence and enhance knowledge in their field.


The Rapid Results Diploma is the first of its kind in training for Contact Centre Work Training. This is a 4 week diploma and covers key areas to ensure that participants have entry-level contact centre knowledge, soft skills, self-managing skills and interview techniques to enable them to embark on a career in the industry.