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As part our accountability at Rapid Results – Train, Gain, Sustain – we believe in measuring both before and after a project is undertaken so any investment can be given an ROI as part of the ‘Gain’ component and then led into the ‘Sustain’ by measuring how successful the project was moving forward.

Most organisations are looking for sustainable results and a fast payback on any investment, especially for training, HR initiatives and marketing. However, in a recent research project, 82% of companies were shown not to take any measures on these types of investments at all ensuring that any gains were not recognized in relation to a return on any investment.

We attended Derek’s ROI seminar at the end of 2012 and found it to be one of the most useful seminars we’ve ever attended. We were keen to go because we’d been trying for some time to talk more to clients about return on investment. We immediately began talking much more confidently about ROI in our own business – in terms of dollars rather than the more intangible benefits that are nice to have but easier to argue against. Derek’s calculators and real-life examples made it easy to grasp and follow the principles – especially for non-mathematicians!

Lynda Harris and Anne-Marie Chisnall, Write Limited

The ROI tools we have are aimed at providing you with a solid methodology of putting together a business case and knowledge of how to provide tangible outcomes in the often termed ‘soft’ areas of the HR and business arena.

Try it for yourself today and see how in under 5 minutes you can measure an ROI before you even spend a cent!

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To assist you work out your business case we can provide a free ROI model for your use.

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