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Ian Davey

Ian Davey

Training & Quality Manager Trade Me, Trade Me

“We’ve used Rapid Results to hone the conflict resolution skills for our Customer Service team. After attending one of these courses, our staffers always come out equipped with some extra know-how and keen as a bean to put the things they’ve learned into action.”

Customised Training Courses

We help people and organisations reach their professional potential. Take your teams development to the next level through our customisable training solutions.

Your business and your people have specific needs that general training courses won’t be able to address. Get the right training to maximize your ROI.

Lego Serious Play

Drive creativity and innovation in your company, address business challenges and improve team communication and engagement

In our Lego Serious Play workshops, we share proven and innovative LSP principles that will significantly enhance the outcomes you want.

Engaging Public Workshops

Receive in-depth training that can be immediately implemented when back in the workplace.  This is also a great opportunity to network with other professionals in a similar role.

Our fun and engaging approach in conducting workshops has been proven effective in ensuring our participants get the best out of their training investment.

Online Qualifications

Gain a qualification in your own time and while continuing to work.

You will be supported throughout the time you are studying. Our Assessor will be available 7 days a week to answer your questions and offer additional support.

Not sure what type of training is needed to address your teams’ performance gaps?

The project has been a great success, sure there are always teething troubles with any new software you introduce but as a project team they have delivered this significant change process beautifully.  We are incredibly proud of the team and all they have achieved, once again we credit the TTT workshop for having a huge and positive influence at an early stage of their journey.”

Steph Curin

Waipa District Council

Our Customized Training Programmes

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Leadership & Coaching

Sales Skills

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Improve Employee Performance & Increase Business Revenue

At Rapid Results, we are fully committed to helping you and your employees succeed.

We have a proven 4-Step Framework that allows us to deliver effective custom training solutions for our clients.

Get in touch to get a customized training programme for your business.

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“Glad he’s gone – he just didn’t fit in.” Ouch – not a nice legacy when leaving a company. But who’s actually responsible for having team members “fit”? Inductions need to entail more than contracts, introductions, and technical training. New people need to know why...

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The Role of Customer Service

Competition is ever present – if we don’t look after our customers then someone else will! But how do I do this? What is Customer Service? We all know poor customer service when we experience it. We’re kept waiting – either in a queue or on the phone. Our toes are...

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Communication Problems in the Workplace

All companies or businesses have processes and systems in place to help everyone work efficiently, seamlessly and effectively. Now, executing these processes and implementing these systems need 1 key component:  COMMUNICATION. Communication between leadership and...

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Building Leaders Through Play

Playing with Lego is fun. But can it really be used to build leadership skills?  In her article, a Lego Serious Play Facilitator, Thierry Gregorius mentioned that “Roughly 80% of our brain cells are supposedly connected to our hands, so the theory goes that we can...

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