Rapid Results is a leading premier provider of Contact Centre training. It has been in the Training & Development business serving the New Zealand market since 2003.
Areas of expertise include customer service, sales, leadership, communication, difficult customers and more. All courses are developed based on an ROI for the organisation with every stage of a project measurable.

Carolyn Burnet, Joint CEO & Tony Burnet, Managing Director

The Training You Need, The Results You Want


The ability to work with clients and set measures around the project that Rapid Results can be held accountable to.

Return On Investment

Working with clients to develop a Return on Investment model and set of figures that will show the benefits and gains from the project undertaken.

Ongoing Sustainable Change

The ability to make a positive difference to an organisation that is long term and not just a ‘flash in the pan’ and then back to business as usual.

Training Guarantee

Rapid Results are so confident in their abilities that they give a 100% guarantee on training provided to remove you from any risk.

Having worked with hundreds of organisations across Australasia from Top 200 organisations, Government departments and privately owned SME’s Rapid Results has proved time and time again that training can be measurable, accountable and achieve long term results while being fun, engaging and interesting..

The Secret To Our Success?


Terry Williams, Training Consultant

Terry Williams has extensive business experience and has a solid understanding of the issues that face real business people in the real world. 

He has lived and worked across New Zealand in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland.

Linda Guirey, Training Consultant

Linda Guirey is one of the most respected and sought after experts on Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices in the workplace. 

She is an award winning international speaker and trainer with over 15 years presentation and training experience

Cherri Holland, Training Consultant

Cherri Holland has worked with thousands of leaders and service teams from hundreds of organisations and business units across most sectors in 9 countries to improve performance and organisational efficiency.

Elaine McMeeking, Training Consultant

Elaine has a Bachelor of Arts, Teachers diploma and a Masters Degree specialising in Training Management.

She has run her own business for 20 years, working with a variety of clients, in the Corporate, Retail and Government sectors. She has experience working in South Africa, China, Japan, Australia, India and New Zealand.

Tracey Brake, Training Consultant

Tracey has been passionately immersed in the training and development field for six years now. 

Her 20 years of corporate experience in the customer services and contact centre field, combined with her BA in Social Sciences and Conflict Resolution, Youthline counselling experience and grief studies certificate, mean she brings a unique skill set, intuition and perspective to any training, coaching or facilitation session.

Nikki Hommes, Training Consultant

Nikki has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Degree, specialising in Coaching and Mentoring and is a qualified Life, Executive and Workplace coach.

In addition to being an NLP Practitioner, she is a Master TetraMap facilitator, Talent Dynamic Flow Consultant & Ignition! Youth Coach. Nikki has run her own training and coaching business for 12 years and been in adult education for 24 years. She is passionate about people and works with them to unleash their full potential.

Her areas of expertise are management & leadership development, communication and team development. Nikki has worked in 6 different countries, across financial services, retail, corporate, government and education sectors.

Colin Brown, Training Consultant

Colin is an accomplished leader with strong business acumen combined with a proven competency in the behavioural aspects that enhance individual and organisational performance. He has facilitated and developed multiple leadership programmes and coached senior managers across a variety of sectors. Has degrees in psychology and a Masters in Business Leadership and is also a licensed MBTI facilitator

He has extensive practical exposure at executive level through managing teams and coaching and advising business leaders. Recognised expertise in organisational branding and communications and can pull together all the elements that increase brand and organisational value. He also retains a keen interest in diversity and has been an active board member on multiple NGO’s over the past 15 years.

Wayne Tollemache, Training Consultant

Wayne’s work has taken him around the world, with a range of roles in a range of industries. His 25 years in the business world have seen him take on roles including COO, Executive Managing Director, and General Manager in New Zealand and Asia. 

Wayne is well known for helping businesses rebound after periods of stagnation. His international experience means he can work in multiple markets, helping businesses expand globally. He brings real life experiences backed up by consulting expertise across all aspects of the business continuum from strategy to governance. He’s passionate about helping businesses grow, and he has the skills and expertise to do it.

Gary Bartlett, Training Consultant

Prodsol specialises in dramatic improvement in challenging situations. In addition to an extensive library of dramatic improvement training programmes Prodsol also provides onsite and online implementation support and coaching programmes.

Gary Bartlett is the primary consultant and driving force behind the development and delivery of dramatic improvement training and support. He will be training a selection of Rapid Results Training Consultants in the dramatic improvement material, in parallel with delivering a series of Rapid Results public and onsite training programmes over the next few months.

Zhi Lee, Training Consultant

Teamworx‘s owner, Zhi Lee has a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) from Auckland University. He is an ICAgile Certified Team Facilitator (ATF), and a Scrum Alliance Certified Advanced Scrum Master (A-CSM). Zhi is an Enterprise Agile coach with Delivery management experience having previously built up the Development team at Bauer Media over 3 years. He looked after the Digital Delivery Team at Trade Me Property as Head of Delivery for 2 years. He led Mercury Energy’s Delivery Practice for 1.5 years.

He is an experienced visual facilitator and an activist in the international sketchnoting community. As an Agile Coach, these are some of the organisations he’s helped on their Agile journey – Methven, Foodstuffs North Island, Roche International, Mercury Energy, Interactionz. 

Alison Marshall, Training Consultant

Ali Marshall has over 25 years of experience in learning and development and is a seasoned L&D professional.  

She has worked with variety of clients both corporate and operational across hospitality, education, retail, energy, government and trades. 

She is passionate about ensuring her clients can apply what they learn into their everyday life and get results. 

Elaine Human, Training Consultant

Elaine has a BA, HDipLib (MLIS), a New Zealand Certificate in Tertiary Teaching and a TESOL qualification and has been involved in adult education for over 10 years.

She has lived and worked in South Africa, Canada and New Zealand and has a broad range of business experience.

Elaine has worked in the corporate, political, retail and educational sectors and has run her own business for 3 years. Elaine is passionate about transformation and growth of individuals and companies.

Lakshmi Patel, Qualification Specialist

Lakshmi Patel is a highly experienced assessor and trainer for a variety of Online Qualifications courses. Her expertise includes developing and moderating learning and assessment resources.

Lakshmi holds an MBA and has worked variously as Project Manager and Business Analyst for software projects, and as an educator. Currently she runs her own business, providing consultancy services in the field of education. She also works with children and young adults to teach them life skills, and is a teacher of the Bhagavad-Gītā and the ancient language of Sanskrit.

She provides the much needed support for our trainees to achieve their qualifications.

Sarah Ritchie, Training Consultant

Sarah has been immersed in the training, coaching and facilitation world for over ten years. She has been a tertiary design teacher and business workshop trainer and is now specialising in running sessions using the LEGO® Serious Play® workshop methodology. Sarah is both a session facilitator and a trainer of facilitators. Along with her passion for LEGO Serious Play, Sarah is also a multi-award-winning business author. She lives in Auckland with her husband, Simon, and her cat, Sir Monty.


The first (and most traditional) use of LSP was as a strategy tool. The creators of LSP called the technique RTS (Real-Time Strategy). It was designed to get people away from Powerpoint and reports and for the team to live their strategy; play with it; experience it; test it; try it out, and change it. The ultimate output from these RTS sessions is a set of ‘guiding principles’ or action points that help organisations and individuals navigate the challenges of business and provide tangible, valuable next-steps.

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