This programme provides the solutions to dealing with difficult situations with customers, staff and colleagues. Going in to depth as to what causes these situations, how to react to them and how to

turn them into positive experiences for both you and the customer are discovered during this programme.


Conflict is characteristic in many situations in the working environment. Often people do all they can to avoid it which creates further tension and can lead to volatile outbursts.

Having the skills to recognise conflict and resolve it effectively is a key skill for managers and extremely useful for front line staff dealing with customers.

The Rapid Results one day course focuses on helping you understand conflict and how to resolve it effectively in a number of situations including: Resolve conflict with customers, colleagues, staff and managers.

Duration: 1 Day

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course


  • Participants will have tools to help calm staff or customers down
  • Samples steps to deal with difficult staff or customers
  • Skills to defuse angry people
  • How to avoid adding to the problems
  • Understanding how to deal with different types of difficult people
  • Understanding different behavioural types
  • Tools to manage associated stress

Upon completion of the programme the attendees will benefit from the following outcomes:

  • Define conflict
  • Different types of conflict
  • Explain the escalation of disagreement into conflict
  • The use of ‘Right Addiction’ and causes of conflict
  • Know the different types of conflict (passive aggressive etc.)
  • Understand your preferred style of conflict resolution
  • Amygdala theory and application
  • Apply techniques to managing emotions during conflict
  • Implement a strategy for continuous conflict management

Participants in this course will experience plenty of interaction using Lego Serious Play®, role plays and activities to show / feel demonstrate conflict and its resolution.

All public workshops are available as in-house programmes customised to your specific business needs.

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