This 1-day course is designed for anyone who deals with customers either face-to-face or by phone.


  • Staff will have greater understanding of their own motivation and attitude
  • Improved conversation control
  • Increased rapport-building skills
  • Tools & techniques for managing and calming upset customers
  • An overall improvement in the quality of service for the customer

Course Outline

Customer Service Fundamentals

  • Understand why customers have the view of your organisation they have and change that for the better
  • Understand and start using true etiquette that will make you stand out as a professional
  • Understand why organisations lose customers

Customer Service

  • Understand the importance of customer service
  • The role of customer service within your company
  • The effects of bad customer service

Building Rapport

  • Understand the importance of selling ourselves before we can begin to sell our product or service
  • Understand what rapport is and how to build it quickly
  • Know how to process information in order to improve our communication skills


  • Know the difference between a positive and a negative attitude
  • Know how to take control of your life through a positive attitude
  • Understand a Formula for Change
  • Know why it is a positive attitude will make you more successful
  • Understand why your work success is related to your attitude

Effects of Our Language

  • Know the difference between submissive, assertive and aggressive language
  • Know how your language can control a situation
  • Understand the impact of positive language

Capture Your Listener

  • Know the importance of speaking well
  • Know how to control a call by speech
  • Know all the elements that make up your voice

Questioning Skills

  • Understand the different types of questions available and how they control responses
  • Understand who so much business is lost or missed due to poor questioning techniques
  • Understand who so much business is lost or missed due to poor questioning techniques

Listening Skills

  • Know the difference types of listening skills used and when to use them more effectively
  • Understand the importance of listening
  • Know how listening will affect your results when used correctly

Difficult Customers


  • Know why customers become difficult
    Understand ways to manage upset or difficult customers
  • Duration: 1 day

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course
Times: 8.30am – 5.00pm
Cost: $620.00+GST includes all meals, certificate and workbook
All public workshops are available as in-house programmes customised to your specific business needs.

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