At Rapid Results, we believe that the one thing training should never be is boring. A fun, interactive and enjoyable day is far more likely to inspire sustainable behaviour changes.

One of the unique differences we offer is the implementation of Lego as a tool into our training.

While Lego is commonly thought of as a form of play in which children can use their imagination to create and build, not many people realize its function as an effective learning tool for both children and adults alike.

There are a myriad of benefits in implementing Lego as a training tool;

  • It ensures that everyone is involved and participating 100% of the time – there is no ‘quiet guy’ in the room
  • It promotes a culture of team-building, confidence and creative thinking
  • It is an effective and simple way for people to turn abstract ideas into tangible models – e.g. ‘build a model of your ideal classroom/workplace’
  • It is often a lot easier for people to discuss issues or problems if they have a model to talk to. This is because communication is done through the model, as opposed to directly to another person.
  • Anyone can do it – even those previously unfamiliar with Lego!

Furthermore, the following outlines the benefits of using Lego with children;

  • A tool that most children are already familiar with, seamlessly integrating learning with playing
  • Can be easily adapted to suit issues relevant in the classroom – for example bullying, speaking up in class, and building confidence in kids
  • The Lego method is ‘visual storytelling’, stimulating the brain in a much broader scope than verbal cues exclusively would allow

Within schools, Lego can be used in either one or both of two ways;

  1. In a session with children in the classroom to tackle common issues and build confidence.
  2. In a ‘staff session’ with teachers as a team building exercise, and a way to easily communicate ideas and thoughts on all kinds of matters relating to teaching.

When should I use Lego as a training tool?

  1. When you want to encourage teamwork, or see that ‘team spirit’ is not at the level you would like
  2. When you want to promote innovative thinking and creative ideas
  3. If you are looking for a way to deal with tough and complex issues in a constructive atmosphere
  4. When you would like everyone to contribute, and have people say what they mean instead of not speaking up at all
  5. If you have a situation in which few people dominate a discussion or lesson


1x full-day workshop: $1000, excluding the cost of Lego packs.

1x session can accommodate up to 15 people

We have effectively incorporated Lego into corporate environments both domestically and internationally, and as an ex-teacher himself, Rapid Results Managing Director Tony Burnet is anticipating fantastic reception in integrating the Lego programme within the education system.

If you would like any more information about our Lego programme, and how it can be used in your organisation then please don’t hesitate to make contact with Tony on (09) 447 1994, or for an obligation-free discussion.

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