Our trainers use Lego Serious Play as a tool in a number of our programmes as it is invaluable for:

– developing communication between departments and teams,

– encourages innovative and imaginative ideas,

– ensuring that everyone has everyone has a voice,

– everyone gets an opportunity to express their views,

– prevents conflict, and

– brings together a collective view.



The first (and most traditional) use of LSP was as a strategy tool. The creators of LSP called the technique RTS (Real-Time Strategy). It was designed to get people away from Powerpoint and reports and for the team to live their strategy; play with it; experience it; test it; try it out, and change it.

The ultimate output from these RTS sessions is a set of ‘guiding principles’ or action points that help organisations and individuals navigate the challenges of business and provide tangible, valuable next-steps.

You might use an RTS session as part of a wider strategy process, or for a newly-formed team. It can also be used for older, existing teams when a reset or renewal is required.

The typical session order is:

  • Skills-building
  • Identifying the core identity of the organisation (internal, external, aspirational)
  • Agents and systems
  • Real-time emergence/scenarios (note: the session length would need to be longer than normal to add in scenarios)
  • Wrap-up (simple guiding principles/action points)


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 We also offer a one-day workshop for Facilitators which includes an introduction to the theory underpinning the programme, gives a hands-on understanding of how to use the methodology, gives techniques to ensure full participation in a session, and some tips and techniques for effective facilitation.


Our Lego Serious Play course will provide you with an innovative and powerful asset to add to your ‘training toolkit.’ It can be used in any industry, for any age, for almost any kind of training to inspire confidence, creativity, teamwork and innovative thinking.


On completion of the workshop, we issue a Rapid Results Facilitators Certificate. The investment includes a trainers manual, 10 Lego packs, Lego calculator, and a presentation carry bag. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea is also provided.