The workshop follows the following route and is aimed at providing the participants with a solid methodology of putting together a business case and knowledge of how to provide tangible outcomes in the often termed ‘soft’ areas of the HR and business arena. It is the aim of the workshop to clarify the mindset required regarding ROI, that it is possible to predict, measure and provide solid cases for training, HR initiatives, people development and indeed justify investments in all areas with the right methodology.

Duration: ½ Day



  • What is ROI?
  • Introduction to the Formula
  • Accountability from inside and from providers
  • Reason & Accountability
  • Drilling down to the real reasons
  • Hard & Soft measures
  • Tough Questions
  • The knock on effect of no accountability
  • The right language for a business case
  • 4-step methodology for the business case
  • How to measure
  • Areas of measurement
  • Formula in detail
  • Case studies
  • Sample organisation and work through examples

4 + 3 =