In order to get the most value out of your business, understanding your ROI is a necessary component to developing effective future goals and a solid sales strategy. In this course you will learn ways to adapt your ROI for your target audience, utilise your ROI to make smart future investment decisions, and techniques for applying your ROI to enhance your market presence.


Rapid Results are specialists in sales and service training and return on investment. This workshop has been designed to reduce your pain and make it easy to improve your selling ability and give you an edge.

This workshop will help you as you compete against cheaper alternatives in the market, existing supplier relationships, deal with prospects with a lack of budget and those people that simply make ‘no decision’.


Duration: 1 Day


  • The basics of ROI
  • Your products, services and organisation
  • Understanding the benefits
  • Applications of benefits to customer costs
  • Conversion to value / money
  • Objectives, the sales cycle & commitments
  • Your action plan

Outcomes from the session


  • Comprehend sales in ROI methodology
  • Understand how ROI can be adapted in sales
  • Have strategies for using ROI for your products, services and organisation
  • Have an edge in your market / field through applying ROI
  • Have techniques to overcome common objectives

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