It is a well worn saying “If you keep doing what you have always been doing you will keep getting the same result”


How true that is!


In the last year or so there has been political events that in their own way have resulted in people wishing to change the old order – USA, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Great Britain, Germany, France, Canada and even here in New Zealand to name a few.


People have expressed dissatisfaction with how their countries have been run and have voted in new leaders in most cases.


People celebrate in the streets and hope a new broom will sweep clean.


Then reality kicks in and the incumbents tweak things a little but basically conduct business like their predecessors.


End result is that we keep getting the same type of result.


So it is in business.


We are in Training and Development and see it all the time.


It goes like this;


  • That’s the way we have always done things
  • Our staff are just not thinking
  • Training is expensive and then people leave
  • We haven’t got time – it’s really hectic at the moment
  • We are restructuring
  • Training is a cost
  • We do everything in-house


Sound familiar??


I see this wherever I go and I offer the following;


  • We can’t run our businesses without people – they are our number one resource
  • People feel better if they know what to do and are therefore more productive
  • Getting people to think critically and with initiative is no easy quick fix
  • Training is evolving – a swing back to soft skills development


Again sound familiar?


We at Rapid Results specialise in training that is different, thought-provoking and game changing.


Do something to break the cycle!