Blog by Anna James


Friday the 18th of September saw one of the biggest events of the year take place – the annual CRM Awards! First and foremost – a big congratulations to all the well-deserving winners of the night, what an achievement!! A CRM award is a fantastic accomplishment that should be celebrated in style – and not to mention, proudly shown off! It recognizes the dedication it takes to stand out in such a highly demanding industry as the Contact Centre Industry. It was wonderful to see such a high level of team spirit present on the night, both on and off the stage. As a key sponsor of the 2015 awards, it was fantastic for us here at Rapid Results to see such a great celebration for some truly deserving companies. We’re looking forward to the 2016 awards night already!

To see some of the fabulous photos of the night, click here

We found it interesting that 10 of the 15 supreme award winners of the night are clients of Rapid Results. Coincidence? We think not! Staff training is an important and effective tool in improving the productivity and profitability of your company – AND in gaining CRM awards; a great recognition for your workplace. (The proof of that was in the pudding!). By effectively training and developing team members, they will become better equipped as well as more aligned for career growth. Why? Because career potential enhances personal motivation – and who doesn’t want motivated team members? To learn more about the importance of training and development in the workplace, click here