Have you ever noticed there are some people in your life that just seem to do nothing but take? These are the people that you only hear from when they want something or when you do connect are rude or disrespectful to you but then expect you to help them. You know these people because we all do – whether they be sales people who only call us when they want a sale or a friend who only rings when they need a lift somewhere or the work colleague who doesn’t pay attention but gets annoyed when no one listens to them.

Yes we all have them in our lives and we also have them as customers, these are the people that cut you off, short order you, treat you like dirt because you are a supplier or just plain ignore you completely.  However these are the same people that then call you for a job when they are made redundant or have an urgent job they need doing to get them out of trouble. Yes these are the people that you put the phone down and laugh at instead of pulling out all the stops and bending over backwards.Help 2

So what’s the difference?

So what’s the difference? Why are there some people we will stop at nothing to help and others we simply couldn’t give the time of day?  It’s the size of your emotional bank account with that person.

We all know what a money bank account is: you make deposits you accrue an investment and you make interest on that investment but you can also make withdrawals when you need to.

An emotional bank account is no different, depending how you have made deposits with another person will determine how you can make withdrawals.  So how do you make deposits? Here are some simple day to day examples that will get you going: Courtesy, honesty, respect, trust, follow through, going above and beyond, being reliable and the list is endless. What if we don’t make these deposits? – basically do the opposite and see how far you get when you need help!

Build your relationships

I remember reading a book years ago called ‘dig your well before you are thirsty’ all about networking and building relationships. In the opening of the book a group of business people are sitting around a table at the club mourning the fact that a friend had gone out of business because he couldn’t raise the money he needed in a short time, when the author asks each person around the table how many people they could call at 3am and ask for help….the answers the people gave was a reflection of the emotional bank accounts they had built; how many people can you call at 3am in the morning who will be there no questions asked?

Customers are no different

When it comes to business this fact is no different with customers, the more we can build emotional bank accounts, the more we have to draw on when something goes wrong or a delivery is delayed, the more patience and understanding the customer will give us.  If your bank account is empty with that customer you will get no leeway, understanding or niceties, all you will end up with is upset complaining customers.

So before you are about to ask that person for help or call in a favour, ask yourself how many deposits have you made….?