Face-To-Face vs Online Learning: The Debate

At the rate technology is moving forward in the world today, more and more we are hearing about the benefit of online learning. It’s revolutionary. It enables you to gain qualifications without even leaving the house (onesies and slippers out in full force, anyone?). It’s super convenient, allows you to work at your own pace, and it means no lengthy lectures. What more could one wish for?

It is arguable however, that this increase of online learning courses has brought to light the benefit of classroom learning. Not stuffy-lectures-with-zero-interaction-with-anyone kind of classroom learning, but interactive, small-group environment classroom learning. An article was published recently in the Herald that outlines the major benefits that classroom learning has for improving performance and overcoming challenges. Ivan Moss, the director of MBA and Executive Education at The University of Auckland claims that learning online is “inadequate for managers and professionals. It’s still really important to have a small group environment where people can talk about and compare their experiences, and synthesise in the real moment.” Having the ability to discuss challenges and problems away from the workplace with others who may be facing similar challenges is an invaluable resource in professional growth.

It seems that being so caught up in having the latest eLearning platform or designing the trendiest or most beautiful online system has somewhat blinded our perception of the benefit of face-to-face interaction when it comes to learning. There is no substitute for the value of hearing and learning from other people’s experiences, and the opportunity to discuss how people have overcome previous challenges. When this is combined with the extra motivation enforced in classroom learning situations, the argument is more and more convincing that face-to-face learning is the way to go.

At Rapid Results, we do exactly this with our public courses. As well as having the fantastic resource of our Facilitators, one of the most common pieces of feedback we get from our public courses is how much people enjoyed mixing with others from different industries, and the value of hearing how they manage challenges that are more often than not relevant across all industries. They are interactive, thought-provoking sessions where there is ample opportunity throughout the day to not only learn from and discuss the best ways you can improve work performance, but also to mingle with other attendees of the course.

The next course we have will run on Wednesday, 17th August 2016 and is focussed on Customer Service Excellence. The course covers the A-Z of what you need to know for exceptional customer service, so your clients will become advocates for your business! Contact Anna on anna@rapidresults.co.nz for any more information or to register.