Picture yourself in your school days, sitting at your desk staring at that blackboard (yes we had those once upon a time – no whiteboards or tablets!) wishing the hours would move faster so you could flee the scene of  the crime at 3pm!  Apart from a precious few, it would be fair to say that surviving a school year was just that – survival, learning was boring.  We couldn’t wait to get to work, earn money, think for ourselves, do what we want, the possibilities were endless!

Does it seem that way now?

What seemed like such a good idea to escape from at the time with a younger mindset, is actually your main highway to a better life.  Education opens doors to your goals and dreams and the good thing about it is that when you are an adult it is optional, it is totally up to you as to whether you want to better yourself and pave that pathway with enhancing your knowledge.  No one is going to make you do it.  This time the option of being a more intelligent person is completely down to you.

For many of us a fair chunk of our time is contracted to a company each week to work.  It pays the bills and puts food on the table and a roof over your head – all at a cost of your time.  Are you happy with this current arrangement?  Are you working in the role you have always dreamed of or aspired to do? 

We are presented with many opportunities over the course of our lives, how many of them have you taken?  Employers offer courses to staff members all of the time and the lack of motivation to attend the course or see it through to the end is disappointing, in fact I would go so far to say it is devastating in some cases to see a person not see the true value in education and the want to better themselves.  Instead, rather continue as they are on the current track.  Sticking your head in the sand is not going to help the situation, nor is it sending the message to your employer that you are invincible and don’t require any additional training – quite the opposite in fact.

A short course or qualification at work is a great way to learn additional information to make your current role easier and help you pave the way to that role you are aspiring to.  There is nothing in the rule book to say that you cannot look into other courses that interest you and complete these in your own time, there are hundreds available and if it is going to help you achieve your dream, then the  decision is a no brainer!

You need to want to learn, you need to be able to see the endless possibilities from enhancing your knowledge no matter the course you take.  You need to see the value your employer has put in you to want to pay for the course in the first place, yes they will get the benefit from the course in the short term, but remember the skills you learn are with you for life and will enhance many roles and life situations in the future.  While you are being trained in their time, you are learning skills for your time too. 

So, now that you are all grown up, take a look at education through fresh eyes, look at how it can really help you get where you want to be in life.

All it takes is a decision from you…

End of lecture.