Lost Opportunity

Do you ever contact a company and afterwards think; “Thank goodness that person doesn’t work for me?”.

I have had just that thought after receiving woeful customer service from a company that I had wanted to purchase from.

I chose the company as I had been recommended one of their sales team. When I rang I was met with “Is he expecting you? Hold on and I’ll try and find him.”

After a wait of over a minute, she came back with “I can’t find him, do you want to call back? Cool. See ya.”

How would you feel if you knew that was how your front-line staff were talking to your customers?·

  • No professional greeting stating either the company or their name·
  • No courteous transfer of call· Not attempt to find out my needs·
  • No attempt to get my details·
  • No professional farewell

And guess what? No sale!

Could your customers be experiencing this type of poor customer service and could you be losing sales as a result?

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