What do these words evoke for you?

Expensive, high quality, great service?

Any small to medium business in New Zealand will quickly tell you that this isn’t necessarily so! Quite often the service or product that they supply is either a similar or even slightly cheaper price to what is offered by larger corporates or businesses.

Smaller businesses usually don’t have the large marketing budgets available to their bigger competitors, but they often make up for this by offering a higher quality service. They know that it is customer service and satisfaction that sets them apart from the larger, less personal companies.

It is this service that has their customers remain loyal to them, often in spite of very compelling dollar-driven pricing.Some large businesses have been in the fortunate position of monopolising their market but times are certainly changing with increased competition.

There has been alarm within corporations who see their market share dropping as new players enter their market.Imagine a new company entering your space and offering better pricing, customer service, and communication than you.

How confident would you be that your customers would remain loyal to your company?

What can you do now to future proof the likelihood of your current customers being attracted to a new company competing in your market?

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