By Anna James

When it comes to time management, I have always been the polar opposite to my younger brother. I *like* to think I am fairly organized, always completing work when it needs to be done. My brother, (without putting it harshly), goes for the more casual ‘due tomorrow, do tomorrow’ approach. I am generally a bit of a self-confessed stress-head. I need to get work completed, and I shudder at the thought of handing in a project or report late.

I don’t think time management is ever really a skill that I have intentionally practiced – I’m just one of those people who gets satisfaction out of having things organized. In some ways it’s incredibly useful. I have come to realize, through both study and work, that getting everything done in a timely manner is hugely important. It relieves stress, increases productivity, exudes professionalism, and generally makes life a lot easier for everyone.

If ever I find myself thinking ‘there’s just too much to do – it’s not possible!’ (and it has happened far too much for my liking), I consistently repeat to myself one small sentence, and it instantly makes me feel a whole lot better. These 10 simple words have the ability to make me stop and realize that this time will be no different to any previous stress-inducing situation:

‘If it needs to get done – it will get done.’

It really is that simple. When I reflect on big tasks/assignments/projects I have done, not once has anything ever just not been completed. If I can feel myself getting stressed or things are just piling up, I repeat those 10 words and somehow everything works out. Try it the next time you feel yourself getting stressed and see if it works for you as well as it does for me. (Obviously after telling yourself that you need to make a plan to actually get everything done…but it’s always the refresher I need to get onto that plan!)

In my experience, these are the benefits I have found about being strong on time management;

  • Things get done on time. Wow, really? Obvious, but so very true.
  • You get so much more done, and there is a lot less time wasting – especially if you have your priorities properly managed. Stress will diminish at an astounding rate if you know what’s important on your list, and you complete things based on that. That big proposal you need to present in 2 days is probably going to sit near the top of the list – the plan for ordering a new logo mat for your business will probably be nearer the bottom.
  • As they say – ‘the early bird gets the worm.’ By finishing projects or reports on time, there is a much greater chance of being given more opportunities to advance, complete more projects and develop skills.
  • When it comes to clients or colleagues, having important tasks finished on time – or doing what you say you will by the time you say you’ll have it done - displays not only a professional image, but it demonstrates respect for them and their time. (Sometimes, it’s the simple things that have the biggest impact!)
  • You feel in control of your time and your work. Ever heard (or said to yourself) ‘there aren’t enough hours in the day’? Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson have the exact same number of hours in a day. If they can build billion-dollar companies with 24 hours in a day - there’s nothing to stop anyone else… time-wise anyway!

Effective time management is something everyone can benefit from. With a few hints and some practice, it is a fantastic skill to be a master of too!

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