The Value of Values

Our current newsletter talks about the strength of knowing your company values and how many people may not know theirs.

I want to head this in a slightly different direction to talk about, as my heading says, the Value of Values.

I am going to talk about the American Election – now that’s a novel idea!

Without taking sides it is without doubt a great example of perceived values. We have two candidates who are most unlikeable. Any other Democratic candidate would win easily and any other Republican candidate would do so as well. What a sad indictment for the leaders of the free world – but I won’t go there.

Both candidates have questions hanging over them on personal values. From honesty to sexism to corruption to racism- you name it! But the thing is “mud sticks’.

Hillary is portrayed as being dishonest and Trump to pretty well everything. But if either of these two powerful people had placed more emphasis in their lives on having decent values, and sticking to them, then this race would be over. But you see they don’t live their values or don’t know what is very valuable.

As a sportsman when I heard Trump was on 4 handicap at golf I was impressed – then I heard he “picks up” a lot and gives himself putts from 30 feet way! In my book that’s dishonest.

Hillary proudly claims she was named after our beloved Edmund Hillary who scaled Everest but of course she was born five years before that. In my book that’s dishonest.

What we say and do in our personal life brands us in our Corporate life.

So my point is, yes I’m getting to it, that the values you aspire to must be in line with your personal values and must be something you live day to day. If they are not then you or your company run the risk of being seen in a not so good light and that is a perception hard to shake.

We at Rapid Results can help you align your values and your team’s values so they are what you stand by and stand for. Make contact if you would like to discuss further –

Apologies for the unashamed business pitch!!!

Written by Tony Burnet​