Everyone's involved

A meeting at Rapid Results HQ: everyone gets a chance to contribute through
LEGO Serious Play.

We’ve all been in meetings that have been dominated by a few people and where some people never contribute. Well, that can be a thing of the past with LEGO Serious Play. The process allows for all participants to be equally involved where all contribute and share through the building of models. LEGO Serious Play is a methodology developed from the LEGO company in Denmark.

19 Billion Bricks

LEGO produces 19 billion bricks every year! (Where do they all go?) The standard stud and tube mechanism that most of us are familiar with came to the market in 1958 and since that time LEGO has been a staple play-time diet for children (and many adults) around the world. Let’s face it, playing with LEGO bricks is fun, so what’s the serious part? Well, that comes in the outcome. The methodology utilises the LEGO products to engage participants and uncover new insights.  When people build and share stories of what they build, concrete ideas and strategies are formed that advance the organisation, solve problems or solidify thinking which can have seriously positive impacts on the business.

What are the benefits?

Some of the greatest benefits include the uncovering of new insights and ideas and unique solutions to problems. You don’t need to be amazingly creative to build because the person that builds the model is the one that tells the story of what they’ve built. It’s incredible how having something solid and concrete in front of you increases your confidence and the ability to tell a story far easier than the traditional brain storming that occurs around the table. If you want to unlock some new ideas or get everyone involved in a discussion or meeting, then LEGO Serious Play is one of the best tools around.

Who has used LEGO Serious Play?

Organisations that have used LEGO Serious Play in New Zealand include University of Auckland, Auckland Council, Hauraki District Council, IAG,men_on_bridge[1] Corporate Express, NZAA, Inland Revenue and Fujifilm. Bart Taylor, previously of IAG commented on the use of LEGO Serious Play,

“Business’s face the continual challenge of looking to do things better, and a vital part of this is that leaders step up to the next level. With this in mind, this year I wanted a Leadership Team Strategy Day, that was different, thought provoking, and challenging. To achieve this I chose to have Derek Good from Rapid Results facilitate our day, and use Lego Serious Play. 

The day was the best Strategy Day I have ever been involved in. Not only was Derek an excellent facilitator, but the Lego Serious Play concept really got my leaders talking, thinking and interacting with each other to design a Strategy Plan that is different to previous years, and a plan that I believe will help us achieve success as a team and as a business. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lego Serious Play, it was very successful for us, and the team loved it!”

LEGO Serious Play can be used for Vision and Values work, strategy sessions, problem solving, induction, ideas generation, change management and a host of other workshop sessions.

It’s something you can do with a bit of knowledge or you can get a LEGO Serious Play facilitator to help you.

Rapid Results are running introductory 2 hour workshops to find out more and you even get to leep your LEGO pack! Check out the website here