Blog by Carolyn Burnet

The CRM Awards are now less than a month away and anticipation is building as to who will win this year!

Why do companies enter for Awards?

Why go through the stress of preparing your team to be benchmarked against others in your industry? Some companies are a lot bigger than yours, with more resources – so surely you can’t compete with them – right?


 Actually, there are many excellent reasons to enter and the rewards outweigh the effort. So what do those who enter the awards know that makes them want to enter? We know the competition is tough and becoming a finalist is a huge recognition that your company is getting things right. Being a finalist will put your company in the limelight and to then to be a winner means that you are the best of the best – WOW!

Entering for an award makes you compare yourself to your competitors and is the time to identify areas to develop to ensure that you stand out. This benchmarking enables you to think about the future direction of your company and set goals to be achieved. This is the opportunity to include all your team to focus on what makes yours a great company to work for. Increased engagement boosts morale and improves motivation. A win then truly recognises your teams’ contribution to the success of your business. This, in turn, makes your company a desirable company to work for and attracts new and talented recruits.

The act of entering gives a strong message that you believe in your company, your team and what you do. You will be respected for showing confidence and putting yourselves forward. So put a stake in the ground and say to your team “We are as good, if not better, than all other contact centres. Let’s enter and PROVE it!” If you don’t have confidence in yourself, then why should your customers?

Entering the awards can provide a great marketing opportunity as it puts your business in the limelight as being associated with being an expert in your field. Awards celebrate hard work and success so raise the profile of your company and show-case that you are one of the best in your industry. Use an award on your website, newsletter and advertising – it may just give you the edge when a client is sizing you up.

Either being a finalist or winner will act as an endorsement to the quality of your company. A panel of independent and respected judges have decided that your company is one of the best, which gives you credibility at both a local and national level.

The awards evening is time to celebrate those companies who have put themselves forward as great performers and to delight in the finalists and winners. It is also the time to network with other top business leaders and hear what they are doing or to discover new trends in your industry. Why not bring along your team to also be recognised for their contribution – what a great opportunity to build team spirit and motivate them to continue to strive for excellence.

So what about applying for an Award next year?

Why wouldn’t you – now that you know the benefit of doing so!