“Change is the one thing you can count on”

It’s a saying we’ve all heard before. Change in life can be planned or unplanned, positive or negative, and quite often somewhat anxiety-inducing. It is something that we will all face in almost every aspect of life at some point – so developing the resilience and tools to manage change is important.

Are you currently going through a period of change yourself? Do you worry that you, or your team at work, are not prepared for change? We are holding a Leadership Summit in Auckland on October 26th that will suit you down to the ground!

Over this fantastic 1-day Summit, we will have 6 speakers, a panel of experts to answer your questions, table discussions and networking. The day will help you;

  • To see change as an opportunity to grow from, as opposed to an impossible challenge to face
  • To have a positive mindset and attitude to accepting change, and not only working through it, but thriving through it
  • Explore how you can build your resilience muscles through challenging yourself, and how this can benefit you through times of change
  • To hear some real-life examples of people that have gone through change in business, the lessons they have learnt, and the advice about moving through change effectively
  • Have some belly laughs as our stand-up comedian MC Terry Williams presents a memorable and interesting day!

We are currently running a 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1 special until 5pm, FRIDAY 5th OCTOBER. Just $575 for 2 people to attend. If you would like any more information, or to register for this fantastic day then please contact me at: anna@rapidresults.co.nz, or on (09) 447 1994. Mention the codeword 2FOR1 and the special is all yours (and a colleague!) ?