Playing with Lego is fun.

But can it really be used to build leadership skills? 

In her article, a Lego Serious Play Facilitator, Thierry Gregorius mentioned that “Roughly 80% of our brain cells are supposedly connected to our hands, so the theory goes that we can unlock hidden knowledge and make new connections by using our hands to build LEGO models.”

The LSP method stimulates not only creative thinking but also improves both the problem solving and communication skills of the participants.

And we know that all these three are important leadership skills. Even global companies like Coca-Cola, Samsung, IKEA, Unilever and Toyota have used and successfully applied the LSP method.

In fact, the LSP methodology is not only used in the corporate world. Universities and colleges are also big fans of this approach.

Wendi Dykes, PhD of Azusa Pacific University, said “LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a tested methodology that helps organizations thrive. We’re using it to teach students organizational systems, organizational change structures, leadership development, team learning, team identity, and more.”


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is based on the beliefs that:  

  • Leaders do not have all the answers – their success is based on hearing all the voices in the room 
  • People naturally want to contribute – they want to be part of something bigger and want to take ownership 
  • Allowing each member to contribute and to speak out results in a more sustainable organisation 
  • Teams often work sub-optimally as there is a wealth of knowledge and insight that is untapped 


If you have managers who need to lead others through change or if a new project team has been formed and you want a solid foundation for moving ahead, then Lego Serious Play is highly relevant to your organisational needs.


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