“Glad he’s gone – he just didn’t fit in.”

Ouch – not a nice legacy when leaving a company. But who’s actually responsible for having team members “fit”?

Inductions need to entail more than contracts, introductions, and technical training. New people need to know why the company is operating, the story of how it started and the vision for the future, the importance of their role, and the values of the company.

One of the most important factors in people culturally fitting in is a good understanding, and agreement, with the Company Values. The closer an individual’s personal values align with those of the company, the better they will “fit” in.


A strong set of values give a very clear message for expected behaviours to meet company standards. If the Leadership team doesn’t impart what is important to them, how can their people know what is expected of them? Values need to be continually reinforced in behaviour with colleagues and clients and become part of performance reviews.

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