Gone are the days of attaining a certificate, degree, or qualification and never returning to a classroom!   Ongoing personal development is necessary regardless of your role or the industry you are currently working in.

A lot of schools understand this and are working with their students to develop critical thinking and how to access information so that students can adapt and change as needed.

I attended an event last week where the key-note speaker outlined that those in most need of upskilling are those in the 35-55 age group.  There is rarely the need for a total change in direction, but instead focus on learning as much as possible about the field you are currently in – or interested in moving to.  Attend one or two day workshops, read as much as possible, and perhaps seek out a mentor who can guide you.

Businesses are needing people who are adaptable, resilient, communicate well, and enthusiastic to adopt new technology and ways of working.  The skills and experience you currently have are not necessarily those that will be needed in 5 or 10 years’ time.

Everyone has the ability to develop to meet the massive changes that businesses are continually facing.  This will be much easier if you are working for a company that invests in developing their people by offering both internal and external training.  Keep a record of the courses you attend, and certificates received to add to your CV.

If your company doesn’t have the resources to fund training then you may choose to attend some weekend courses, do volunteer work in your own time, or complete an online qualification.  Keep looking outside of what you are currently doing and be open to saying “yes” when an opportunity presents itself.

Keep up with new technology even if you aren’t planning on using it immediately.  This will help you understand trends and keep you actively learning (without even realising it!)