There are different forms of biases in the workplace. And some of these are things that we do or demonstrate unconsciously.


Here are the common ones:


Confirmation bias happens when we only focus on data that confirms our pre-existing beliefs and opinions. Then we neglect or discount all other information.


Gender bias happens when we favor someone because of their gender or we treat them differently because of their gender.


Performance bias happens when we judge a person’s performance based on race, gender or other qualities.



As a leader, it can be challenging to move your team and the whole organisation to overcome these biases.


Check the pointers below to guide you through this process.

  1. Get to know your direct reports or team members. Spend time with your people and encourage them to share their own observations on what needs to change in the organisation. Getting them involved increases their commitment to make things work.
  2. Ask your colleagues for feedback. Feedback is a gift, as they always say. Getting objective insights about your biases from your trusted peers can help you be more self-aware and therefore helps in dealing with them. 
  3. Enroll in mentoring programs. Coaching sessions and mentoring programs is a perfect opportunity to learn how to look at things in different perspectives.
  4. Be self-aware of your own biases. Take time to reflect on your own behaviors. Assess yourself and discover your own biases. This will help you make better decisions. 
  5. Be vocal about your biases. Share with others your personal experience in identifying and overcoming your own biases. This will not only inspire others but also help them get best practices.


Dealing and overcoming biases helps create a positive environment in the workplace where everyone feels safe and secure about not being judged. It helps build trust between you as the leader and your people. 


Taking a proactive approach in combating your own biases is a good role model to your people.


If overcoming biases is one of the conflicts you have to constantly deal with in the workplace, take action NOW.


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