In a nutshell, Lego Serious Play is an experimental and experiential facilitation approach that is used for meetings, trainings, problem-solving and creative thinking sessions. It’s extremely beneficial to individuals, teams and organisations who want to explore a fun but effective method in tackling challenges on communication, ideation and strategy planning.

Here are the different areas where you can maximize the “power of play” in your organisations:

  1. Training Delivery – Accelerate learning by promoting 100% participation and hands-on application and using feedback to enhance learning.
  2. Product Ideation – Encourage creative thinking and use these ideas in forming solid product concepts.
  3. Strategy Planning – Explore and evaluate both current and future strategies within the organisation including its relations to partners and clients.
  4. Performance Improvement – Ingrain “one-size-does-not-fit-all” mindset among the employees to avoid habitual thinking and routine task performance.
  5. Organizational Changes – Facilitate structural changes within the organisation.


An article published by Azusa Pacific University greatly summarizes the power of Lego Serious Play in the workplace:

“Organizations need agile workers who can solve problems and pivot ideas quickly. Gilbert noted that all of the experiential opportunities offered at APU provide students with a chance to learn how to form ideas, test and play with those concepts and continue moving forward.”

Jillian Gilbert, the Program Director of the Master of Arts and Leadership in APU (Azusa Pacific University) further said, “Students can play scenarios and see how they affect the system in real time. They learn how to ask layered questions that get to the root reason for why decisions are made in the organization.”


Learning through Lego Serious Play helps develop skills that are an asset to any organisation. 

If you are interested to know in learning how Lego Serious Play can be of service to you and your organisation, then give me a call to discuss the methodology further.

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