Image by Bruno Glätsch from Pixabay 

Lots of people know about Lego. 

But Lego Serious Play? Not many.

Aside from putting different bricks together, what exactly is Lego Serious Play?

Lego Serious Play (LSP) is a facilitation approach that is used by companies such as NASA, Oxford University, Google, Stanford Business School and others.

It’s a training methodology that can be used to effectively engage people, co-create strategies, explore different perspectives and drive teamwork. It focuses on “building” rather than talking about “concepts.” Participants don’t consume content. They create.


What Can It Do For You?

An online search from people who have used LSP attest to the positive effects it has when used by a trained Facilitator.  Our Trainers witness some amazing break throughs when using the methodology in their workshops.

Some benefits:

  1. Lego Serious Play encourages creativity and helps visualize future scenarios. Lego, with its colored bricks and thousands of brick-building possibilities, stimulates creative thinking for new or existing concepts. Lego helps test current and future scenarios that can have an impact on their role or the business.
  2. Lego Serious Play promotes self-expression. Lego exercises allow participants to share their ideas in a non-threatening environment. 
  3. Lego Serious Play can help improve decision-making skills. Since LSP stimulates thinking, problem solving and creativity, participants can decide what actions they can take now to prepare for the future. 

There are numerous other benefits of using Lego Serious Play. 

If you or your business would like to experience the power of Lego Serious Play through a certified Lego Serious Play facilitator, then get in touch with Rapid Results NOW.