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In This Edition
1. New: What are Businesses Talking about?
2. Rapid Results Workshops
3. NZQA Qualification – Contact Centres
4. How to Improve Anything Dramatically

1. What are Businesses Talking About?

It’s not at all surprising that we are having conversations about the horrific event in Christchurch last month. Questions are being asked as to what, as companies and individuals, we can do to be more inclusive. Surely if we know about and understand those from different backgrounds and religions, then we are more likely to be accepting of our differences and welcome the benefits an alternate view can bring.

Soft Skills is a Key Part of it

Soft skills training includes communication skills, conflict management skills, and team-building skills, as well as the underlying enablers of these skills. Distinguished from the hard skills of technical knowledge and abilities, soft skills include being able to get along with the people in the office, on a team, and in our neighbourhood by being a considerate officemate and human being.

Could Your Team benefit from higher levels of mutual respect and collaboration?

While soft skills cannot be taught, they can be learned. Although a lecture or article might help, the fastest and best way to grow soft-skill capability is interactive learning and practice in common situations. Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic drtomas.com @drtcp a Professor of Psychology at UCL and Columbia University, and the Chief Talent Scientist at ManpowerGroup noted that soft skills can be boosted via focused training interventions.

2. Rapid Results Workshops:

Our upcoming workshops are registered with NZTE for eligible companies to receive up to 50% funding. Call Carolyn on 09 447 1994 for more information.

Tuesday 7th: Customer Service (1-day Workshop)

Click here to watch Jeff Bezos on Amazon’s Customer Experience Obsession.

Do you want to be able to keep control of a conversation with a customer but not sure how? What can you do when a customer is challenging? How do you control your own emotions when a customer is being aggressive? How can you get your questions answered without upsetting your customer? These, and many other, questions will be answered during the workshop so that your business will stand out from your competitors.

How critical is the customer experience in your business? Are your people suitably equipped? Do they enjoy that part of their roles?

Find out more here


Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 8th: Team Leader workshop (2 days)
Most Team Leaders start out as team members who are then promoted into a Leadership role. While great at their original role, they are often not trained into how to lead a team that they may have recently been a part of. This workshop gives an understanding of how to effectively and confidently get the best out of every team member, understand how to communicate with each personality type, motivate for success, handle conflict, and be comfortable in performance management.

Do your Team Leaders know how to lead? Is it working?

Find out more here

3. NZQA Qualification – Contact Centres:

This online, 10 month course covers key skills to give sound
foundational knowledge to advance a career in the Contact
Centre industry.

It includes 9 compulsory unit standards, but then offers a
choice in either inbound or outbound, before final specialisation
in either Communication, or Administration, or State Sector
Our Assessor is available 7 days a week to answer any queries you may have
and all students have access to additional material to help complete assessment.

Do you have qualified professionals in your Contact Centre – or are you merely hoping that they know enough to get by?
If you would like any more information, or to register for the course, e-mail Carolyn here.

4. How to Improve Anything Dramatically

Do you need dramatic improvement anywhere in your business?

How to Drîm (dramatically improve: “Dream”)
Every single situation or thing can be improved dramatically – using the very constraints that make drîm challenging as levers to make drîm not only achievable, but inevitable. Here are some simple steps to follow:
1. Improve Flow-Rate: Get more through the end-to-end bottleneck.
2. Solve the Core Problem: Generate and integrate alternatives to an evolving provisional solution.
3. Accelerate Change: Make the new way more attractive, aligned and achievable in the short term.
4. Accelerate Mastery: Deep practice diagnosing and intervening early, slowly making it more challenging.
5. Harmonise Relationship: Recognise that you would behave just like the other person if you saw things as they did – and vice versa.
6. Improve Understanding: Test understanding for common cognitive biases and logical fallacies.
Click here (https://www.prodsol.com/how-to-drim/) for more detail on each of these on our partner, Prodsol’s, website.
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