How would you define the difference between a ‘leader’ and a ‘manager’?
Is there a difference?
Are the terms interchangeable?
Is a leader more proactive and a manager more reactive?
Do you need to be ‘inspiring’ to qualify as a leader?

Everyone has their own perception of the difference between the two terms. But what does it really mean to be a leader, as opposed to a manager?

These are the kinds of questions we will be exploring at our popular 2-day TEAM LEADER WORKSHOP being held in Auckland on 27th/28th February, and Hamilton on 6th/7th March. See below for more detail.

Also, be sure to check out our blog here for an interesting read on the subject!

The day will also explore exactly what makes up a legendary leader and how to be one (as opposed to a mediocre manager!), how to create a fantastic workplace culture, the challenges that leaders often face and how to overcome them, and much more. All of this topped off with a great Facilitator, fantastic networking opportunity… and, of course, some delicious food to keep you going!

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s a few comments from what people who have attended the Team Leader training previously have said….

“Truly enjoyable. The training was interesting and fun. I was dreading coming to this but I have learnt so much and enjoyed every bit of this experience”

“Awesome atmosphere, great tutor, effective training, presented amazingly. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you so much for this training – it was fantastic. I WANT TO DO MORE WITH RAPID!”

With that kind of feedback – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain! We have a limited number of seats left available on both workshops, so if you would like to see why this is our most popular course, you still have time! Get in quick though – e-mail us here to register for either course so you don’t miss out 🙂


With most people back at work now, 2018 really is underway. It’s now getting to the point where the interest in training for the year is ramping up – we’ve already had loads of people sign up to our courses over the next couple of months…and you could easily be next!!

We understand life is busy, so below is a brief run down of each of the courses we have coming up… but if you would like any more information at all for any of the courses below, or to register, e-mail Anna here.


Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th: Team Leader – AUCKLAND (2-day course)

As described above – our most popular course, and for good reason! Come along to find out why!


Tuesday 6th, Wednesday 7th: Team Leader – HAMILTON (2-day course)

As described above – our most popular course, and for good reason! Come along to find out why! HAMILTON EDITION.

Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th: Train The Trainer (3-day course)

3 days of activities, interaction, learning and networking. What more could a trainer ask for?! This comprehensive course will provide you will ALL the tools you need to be the best trainer you can be in 2018!

Tuesday 20th: Customer Service (1-day course)

Customer Service is so much more than just ‘service with a smile.’ Come along and find out how to exceed all your customer’s expectations of service at our 1-day workshop that covers everything from your attitude to closing a conversation. 


Thursday 5thPersonality Types & Communication: CHRISTCHURCH (1-day course)

Ever wanted to learn more about how your personality impacts your communication style? It’s all interlinked, and this fantastic 1-day course will delve into the more psychological aspects (aka the really interesting stuff!) of human interaction, and help you make sense of it all. You will not only gain self-awareness, but awareness of others styles’ so that you can communicate and work more effectively with your colleagues. Result!

Tuesday 10th: Managing Multiple Priorities (1-day course)

Ever felt like there’s not enough hours in the day to finish everything you need to? This workshop is all you need to help you take back control of your time, and make each day productive instead of just busy!  Now that’s a good use of time.

Thursday 12th: LEGO Serious Play (1-day course)

Come along and unleash your inner creativity, confidence and team building skills with our LEGO Facilitator’s Session! Learn some great tips and tricks on integrating this fantastic tool within your own training – and have loads of fun doing it!

Please remember… If you have any questions about any training you would like in 2018, or are even after a more general discussion about how we can help you, we are always more than happy to have a chat! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here for an obligation-free discussion about any soft skills training you think would be beneficial to you or your team, and we will see what we can do!!

Or you can call us on (09) 447 1994 for any other information.

All the best for a successful February – see you next month!