Welcome to 2019

I am guessing that the majority of us have had a little time away from the office over the Christmas and New Year period.  Hopefully you are ready to launch into 2019 with renewed energy and lots of enthusiasm!

Why not spend a couple of minutes thinking about the New Year Resolutions you have made (and not already forgotten!).  Were some of these specific to your professional development?  Add in some plans for personal things that you would like to achieve.  Write down three that you would like to achieve by the end of June.  They’ve now moved from a ‘wish” to PLAN.  Well done – already making progress!

Rapid Results Workshops:

At some stage we have all attended training that had us watching the clock tick so slowly that it seemed to be in reverse!

Our superb trainers hold interactive sessions that hold each persons interest.  A sure sign that time is flying is the often heard comment “Lunch time already? Where did the morning go!”

We know that telling, lecturing, and instructing is not effective in eliciting learning or change.  Therefore we make use of B2B (Brain to Brain) Communication by using the emotional, right cortex of the brain.  When there is an emotional reaction, there is engagement (just ask any advertiser of the truth in that!)

Our February and March public workshops are listed below so why not join us on one of them?  This is a great way of experiencing our training before having us tailor something specifically for your company.

Keen to attend a public workshop?

If you would like more information for any of the courses below, e-mail Carolyn here.

Thursday 21: LEGO Serious Play for Trainers
Tuesday 26 & Wednesday 27: Team Leader (2-day Workshop)

Tuesday 12: Debt Collection (1-day Workshop)
Thursday 28th: Train The Trainer (1-day Workshop)

Please remember… If you have  questions about training in a specific area, or are  after a more general chat about how we can help, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here for an obligation-free discussion.

What are Businesses Talking About?

The December newsletter gave a link to an interesting article on Culture in the workplace and I’ve spent a little time reading David Livermore’s book Leading with Cultural Intelligence. He speaks of the four capabilities of Culturally Intelligent leaders which cover motivation or drive, our knowledge of the “other” culture, planning to work together, and the actions we take.  All four are linked for effective leadership with a diverse group.
We need to challenge our own perceptions of how we understand a situation.  Want to try this out? 
Look at the photo below.  What do you believe has happened?  Are you making judgments about the driver?  Was it parked by someone who is totally incompetent? Entitled?  In a hurry? Needed extra space to get a child out?

To what extent are you certain your explanation of the picture is accurate? Without more information, we don’t really know the story behind this picture.  But our brain immediately rushes to interpret what’s going on.  As leaders we often have to quickly read a situation but this can be very risky when different cultures are involved.
Give us a call if you would like to discuss communicating clearly with the different cultures in your workplace.

We tailor workshops:

We write individual programmes for all of our in-house workshops.   Each client has a particular issue or need that our training is tailored for.  Prior to writing a programme, we hold a pre-training discussion to ensure that we fully understand the outcomes they are wanting.

Due to the confidentiality to our clients, and the number of options, it isn’t feasible to list each of them on our website.  So if you are wanting training that is just for you then give us a call – obligation free!

Are you wanting to review or introduce Company Values?  Is your Induction Programme up-to-date?  Having problems with Project Management?

Do you need help in an area that isn’t on our website?  Just make contact and we’ll either be able to work with you – or recommend someone else who can.

NZQA Courses

We offer the following online courses:

  • NZ Certificate in Contact Centres (Level 3)
  • NZ Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) (Level 3)
  • NZ Certificate in Credit Administration (Level 3)
  • NZ Certificate in Credit Management (Level 3)

If you would like any more information, or to register for one of these courses, e-mail Carolyn here.

Please remember… If you have  questions about training in a specific area, or are  after a more general chat about how we can help, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here for an obligation-free discussion.  

Don’t hesitate to call us on (09) 447 1994 for any 
other information.