With the weather getting increasingly colder as we wade our way into mid-winter, this month we want to focus on a pretty hot topic right now: MANAGING REMOTE STAFF. 

Do you have any staff that work off-site?
Do you find it difficult to communicate with them in the same way you can with your team in the office?
Are you looking for a way to have your entire team, regardless of location, running like a well-oiled machine?

Enter our Manging Remote Staff workshop!

…so what exactly is in it for me, you ask?

1) Understand what motivates teams, and how to tap into that motivation
2) Understand the unique role of managing remote staff, and learn effective team building skills
3) Time management skills – including creating the time to communicate with remote staff
4) Become more skilled in effective one-to-one management of remote staff – setting goals, clarifying role expectations, as well as giving effective feedback
5) Identify the 5 dysfunctions of a team, and the stages of team development so that you can build a successful remote team


Make contact with us here to discuss further, or to book a place on this very popular course – being run in Auckland on Thursday 23rd August.


Register for our below mentioned CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE workshop on Tuesday 24th July and receive 15% OFF… just mention the code word: CSEDISCOUNT and we will bring that price down! Contact us here.



We’re over halfway through 2018 now – feel like you need a skill ‘spruce up’? Below is a brief description of each of the public courses we have coming up over the next couple of months… but if you would like any more information at all for any of the courses below, or would like to enquire about any other training we have available, e-mail Anna here.


Tuesday 24th: Customer Service (1-day course)​
What is at the heart of any successful business, regardless of size or industry? Exceptional customer service. Come along to this highly interactive and enjoyable 1-day workshop to ensure that every customer or client you have walks away feeling positive and delighted with your service.


Thursday 23rd: Managing Remote Staff (1-day course)
Do you have staff that work remotely? Do you want to gain an understanding of how to make your team work as effectively as possible, despite not having everyone in the same place? This course will provide you with loads of tips to make that happen, as well as guidance on coaching skills, time management, a manager’s role and much more, to help you have the most effective remote team possible.


Thursday 6th & Friday 7th: Team Leader (2-day course)
It’s back – once again! By far our most popular course, this 2-day workshop will have you learning all the skills you need to have your team running like a well-oiled machine. From communication to conflict, coaching to feedback, this comprehensive workshop covers it all.

Wednesday 26th: Personality Types & Communication (1-day course)
Ever wanted to learn more about how your personality impacts your communication style? It’s all interlinked, and this fantastic 1-day course will delve into the more psychological aspects (aka the really interesting stuff!) of human interaction, and help you make sense of it all. You will not only gain self-awareness, but awareness of others styles’ so that you can communicate and work more effectively with your colleagues. Result!


In addition to our popular public workshops, we are more than happy to have a chat regarding any in-house training you may need.

If you are aware of your pain points already that’s a great start, however we have many clients come to us saying that they’re not exactly sure of what they need! Part of our role is to help you identify these needs, and tailor a solution to fit your organisation.

Through our process of conducting a pre-training analysis, we can work closely with you to identify your requirements, and exactly how we can help. In the past few months, we have run in-house workshops on;

Handling Challenging Customers
Conflict Resolution
Debt Collection
Company Culture, Values and Behaviour

Please remember… If you have any questions about any training you would like, or are even after a more general discussion about how we can help you, we are always more than happy to have a chat! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here for an obligation-free discussion about any soft skills training you think would be beneficial to you or your team.

Or you can call us on (09) 447 1994 for any
other information.

Have a good one – see you next month!