MARCH 2018:

Welcome to March Madness!



In a world where there are so many ways in which to contact others, what skill do employers rate as almost top of their wish list? Why is it that we see so many articles, courses and seminars stressing the importance of this skill? It’s simple. Because without it, things fall apart very quickly: COMMUNICATION.

Without proper communication, people can get angry. Clients can become unhappy or confused. Sales and profits can be lost. In certain industries (aviation, for example..), disaster can happen. It’s so important to have a team of finely-tuned communicators. It’s lucky then, that we have two epic public workshops coming up that have a strong focus on COMMUNICATION, its importance, and how to get the COMMUNICATION in your organisation running like a well-oiled machine.

The first? It’s all about personality. An all-encompassing term that plays a huge role in defining you as an individual. Whether you have much interest in the subject or not, it is undeniable that personality not only shapes how you live, interact with others, think and feel, it also has a huge impact on your work style and the relationships you have with your colleagues… as well as, you guessed it, your COMMUNICATION.

We have a fantastic 1-day Workshop coming in Christchurch, that will delve into the more psychological aspects of human interaction, personality style and COMMUNICATION. You will not only gain self-awareness, but awareness of others styles’ so that you can communicate and work more effectively with your colleagues.

The second? LEGO. We all know it. We all love it. But how is it a useful training tool? How can we implement it in a workshop or course to help with leadership, collaboration, team building and COMMUNICATION? And how and why would anyone but a 7-year-old enjoy this toy in a training session? There is a significant amount of science to back up how and why using a tangible tool such as LEGO has a myriad of benefits.

This 1-day course for Trainers will help you to master the process and use this fantastic tool in your own training. Don’t believe us?

Have a read of this fascinating article outlining the science behind LEGO Serious Play, or come along and try for yourself! Flick us an e-mail here to register so you don’t miss out 🙂



As well as being March madness on the roads right now, we’ve also gone a bit mad in the RR office… register for ANY of the below workshops and receive 10% OFF… just mention the code word: MARCHMADNESS and we’ll bring the price down for you!!

Below is a brief run down of each of the courses we have coming up… but if you would like any more information at all for any of the courses below, or to register; e-mail Anna here.


Tuesday 20th: Customer Service (1-day course) **VERY limited seats left

Customer Service is so much more than just ‘service with a smile.’ Come along and find out how to exceed all your customer’s expectations of service at our 1-day workshop that covers everything from your attitude to closing a conversation.


Thursday 5th: Personality Types & Communication: CHRISTCHURCH (1-day course)

As outlined above! We look forward to our new public workshop expansion into the Canterbury region.


Tuesday 10th: Managing Multiple Priorities (1-day course)

Ever felt like there’s not enough hours in the day to finish everything you need to? This workshop is all you need to help you take back control of your time, and make each day productive instead of just busy! Now that’s a good use of time.


Thursday 12th: LEGO Serious Play (1-day course)

As outlined above! Come along and unleash your inner creativity, confidence and team building skills with our LEGO Facilitator’s Session! Learn some great tips and tricks on integrating this fantastic tool within your own training – and have loads of fun doing it!



Thursday 3rd: Debt Collection (1-day course)

Need any help with negotiation, influencing techniques, or ensuring you retain your customers’ business when dealing with debt collection? This course is for you! Cover the fundamentals to keep your customers content, your organisation happy, and receive an A+ in collecting outstanding debt.


Please remember… If you have any questions about any training you would like in 2018, or are even after a more general discussion about how we can help you, we are always more than happy to have a chat! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here for an obligation-free discussion about any soft skills training you think would be beneficial to you or your team, and we will see what we can do!!


Or you can call us on (09) 447 1994 for any other information.

All the best for a productive March- see you next month!