I love, love, love reading books!

Poring through beautifully illustrated pages, nodding in agreement over a well-worded sentence, and lots of internal messages of “I must remember that”.

Wait a few days and….

Nothing! I haven’t retained the information that so excited me just a few days ago.

Is this what you fear may happen after spending time and money on a training workshop?

Not if you have an expert facilitator who understands different learning styles and uses them to engage with attendees.

Visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic? While we use a combination of all styles, we usually prefer one out of the three when it comes to learning, and the ease of retaining information.

Mind-mapping, practice, emotional engagement, movement, debate, games? In our training, we consistently keep things moving and interesting in order to cater to all learning styles.

Review and plan? Recap the programme and ask, “So what?”. How am I going to use this when back at work? Decide and then devise a plan – and write it down, or record, or build a model. Whatever works to enable you to recall and implement the new knowledge.

The problem is not that we forget, we struggle to recall. The information is internal and we need some tricks to bring it to the fore when needed.