Have you ever had that feeling when you know you have so much to do – and people keep throwing more at you?

And because you’d feel bad otherwise, you just can’t say no? Or you don’t know how to say no without seeming rude?

And then your workload build and builds to the point where you start to entertain the idea of throwing your computer out the window?

Hopefully none of us reach the point of actually throwing our computers out the window, but the thought is definitely there.

There are times (especially coming into the busy end-of-year season) where it’s so easy to let workloads get on top of you. With Christmas functions to plan for and attend, deadlines looming and the pressure of trying to get a head start on next year, being aware of exactly what your priorities are and how to manage them can become overwhelming, to say the least.

The key to overcoming this is simple; managing your priorities. Easier said than done, right? If you don’t know the strategies and tricks to doing it – then absolutely. Everything seems like a priority, especially if everyone is claiming that what they need done is more important than anyone else.

It is so easy to let this cycle go on, thinking that an enormous amount of work is just ‘normal’ work life and it’s not meant to be easy. It isn’t meant to be easy per se – but it is definitely meant to be manageable.

If you’ve ever found yourself taking on too much work, of you’ve struggled with that end-of-year stress.. then you’re in the right place.

Our half-day workshop on Managing Multiple Priorities will help you to identify your main time stealers and discover strategies to overcome them, as well as how to be assertive and ‘push back’ if extra projects are keeping you from achieving your KPI’s.

This isn’t just a workshop for keeping track of your time. It’s a how-to guide to keeping your sanity!!

This course will be run from 1pm – 5pm on Wednesday 8th November in Auckland – contact me on anna@rapidresults.co.nz for any more information or to register. Time is of the essence!!