In today’s global marketplace, there is only one true differentiator to make a company standout: Customer Service. The marketplace is very competitive across all industries – with consumers shopping not only between companies, but across countries.

Look at the things we buy or services we use – cars, clothes, smartphones, insurance, banking and power. If we are honest, we know that one brand is pretty much as good as the other. What differentiates the brands is often the service that goes with it.

A number of companies work on the premise that everyone goes online to research or purchase, therefore they focus on having the best website they can. They may even have webchat pop up when their site is being browsed, and believe that they are catering for their clients or potential customers.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with this however, there are consumers who want to talk before buying – and this is where a concerning number of companies simply fail to deliver. If a potential customer is wanting to reach out to you, then answer their call promptly. How many sales are lost because your company is comfortable letting the phone go unanswered for one, two, five or more minutes? People have a choice and will quickly decide to go elsewhere.

An area of equal frustration is the “reverse support centre” when the client is invited to leave their name and number and they will call you back. Subtext – our time is more valuable than yours!

Customers have a choice as to where to shop, and they also have the ability to quickly advise others after receiving poor customer service. Facebook, twitter, and other social media sites are full of angry and frustrated people who share their experience to as wide an audience as they can. It is worth noting that people are TWICE AS LIKELY to share a bad experience than a good one – and that’s a great way for a company to lose an otherwise good reputation!

In an increasingly competitive market with similar goods and services available through a growing number of channels, it is vital that your company offers the best customer service you can. Teach your team to be accommodating, warm and empathetic to customers and watch your business grow!

Our clients know that if you are not looking after both your existing and potential customers – then another company will!


We have a fantastic Customer Service public workshop coming up on August 8th to help your company stand out. You can offer world-class customer service – be it over the phone, face to face, e-mail, or webchat. Or we can tailor a workshop just for your company.

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