Businesses need their staff to continually change and develop to ensure ongoing success. Lecturing, telling, and instructing alone are not effective to ensure learning.


Most people are reluctant to change, as an innate process called homeostasis works to keep us close to what we already “know and do”. We can struggle to meet new demands as it means stepping out of our comfort zone of competency, and into the new and unknown – where we may fear making mistakes.


At Rapid Results we can overcome this by making use of the right hemisphere of the brain – the area that responds to suggestion, emotion, and goes into our long-term memories. If you want people to remember and have better quality learning, then appeal to the emotional, imaginative, creative, intuitive side of the brain. Where there is an emotional reaction, there is engagement.


Our workshops make use of story-telling, visualisation (mental rehearsal), and games to engage participants. We then ensure new skills are transferred to their long-term memory with mind-mapping, acronyms, symbols and both passive and active reviews.


These accelerated learning techniques are ideal for adults who are wanting to achieve great results that they will be able to apply when in the workplace. Please contact Carolyn at to discuss your training needs, or how we can help with implementing sustained learning for your people.